• Each player is allowed (1) account on ExtZy;
  • Each player starts with a zero balance and a credit line of 1000 points to spend.
  • Credit provided at account set-up may not be transferred to other accounts;
  • Revenues in-game may only be increased by dividend allocations, sales of shares to other players, or approved ExtZy game bonuses;


  • Dividends are paid on a weekly basis, the greater the amount of website activity for a stock (web-site), the greater the dividend payout.
  • For more detailed information on how dividends are calculated please see ExtZy Help - Dividends.


  • Prizes may only be claimed from a positive account balance in-game (not from any in-game credit);
  • Source funds for all prize requests will be reviewed for compliance with the rules before redemption;
  • Each prizeĀ is valued in "Prize Points". To claim a prize you must convert some or all of your balance into prize points at the rate quoted on the Prizes page. Details of all available prizes and their value can be found here;
  • You may claim a prize at any time you have sufficient funds in your account.
Entities and Shares
  • New Entities will be reviewed by Game Lords, and an approximate seven-day dividend history created before release to market;
  • Transactions will be matched automatically against standing offers by the ExtZy engine (clearing mechanism) immediately upon release;
  • Shares of new stocks will be automatically assigned an initial price based upon comparable stocks in the ExtZy market;

Violation of these rules may lead to penalties, revocation of game credit, or deletion of a player's account.


Please see "Terms and Conditions" and the "One Minute Guide to ExtZy" for more information on how to play.