Everyone knows that the festive season is a time for giving: think of Good King Wenceslas, Santa, the Three Kings, Madonna and Bono. Z/Yen is honouring that tradition and getting into the generous yuletide spirit by giving away up to £50,000 pounds worth of prizes/donations to the ExtZy community.

The Great Big Do-Nation via Z/Yen's festive e-card this week has propelled many more players who will be battling it out on the virtual ExtZy floor. Shares from the "Countries" leader-board (yes, you've just uncovered the pun in the title) are being "given-away, absolutely given-away" to members of the Z/Yen community ( up to 10,000 people will have received this offer, but not all will be sensible enough to take it up).

Country shares were chosen to reflect today's globalising, interconnected world at a rare time of the year when a significant proportion of the global population of over 6 billion people are engaged, albeit perhaps commercially, in celebrating "Christmas" (with or without the Christian connotation). The randomly allocated shares will become active upon registration. These players will have had a head-start in their portfolio building - so current players must be wide-eyed and bushy-tailed for the gaming ahead!

Once you have gained enough Zoints, you can claim real prizes – ranging from a £300 iPod to a pair of deluxe chopsticks. You can choose to convert your prizes into donations to the registered UK charity of your choice; so far 50% of prize money awarded has gone to charity. At this season of goodwill, we hope to see the charitable percentage go up.

When you are a prize-winner and if you want to spread your seed of generosity, but are unsure as to which charity to pick - then you may ask the Empress of ExtZy for some advice by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or posting a query on the forum. Leonor is currently working with CCitDG (CCitDG) - a group of 100 charity IT Directors. Z/Yen experts have worked with the The Children’s Society, Marine Stewardship Council, Institute of Fundraising, NSPCC, Tomorrow’s Company and PDSA , among many others (our not-for-profits page).

Whether you want to win valuable prizes or do your bit for charity, join the Great Big Do-Nation and enjoy the festive season by playing ExtZy.