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Market data for Z/Yen

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The Z/Yen Group: we merge Zen and Yen - “a philosophical desire to succeed” - in a ratio, recognising that all decisions are trade-offs. Z/Yen helps organisations make better choices through market intelligence, better systems and risk/reward management. Our clients consider us a commercial think-tank that spots, solves and acts.
  Market Data
P/E Ratio-97.10
Best Offer Price0.57
Dividends Paid0

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2019-03-25 Mon0000
2019-03-24 Sun0000
2019-03-23 Sat0000
2019-03-22 Fri0000
2019-03-21 Thu0000
2019-03-20 Wed0000
2019-03-19 Tue0000
2019-03-18 Mon0000
2019-03-17 Sun0000
2019-03-16 Sat0000
2019-03-15 Fri0000
2019-03-14 Thu0000
2019-03-13 Wed0000
2019-03-12 Tue0000
2019-03-11 Mon0000
2019-03-10 Sun0000
2019-03-09 Sat0000
2019-03-08 Fri0000
2019-03-07 Thu0000
2019-03-06 Wed0000
2019-03-05 Tue0000
2019-03-04 Mon0000
2019-03-03 Sun0000
2019-03-02 Sat0000
2019-03-01 Fri0000
2019-02-28 Thu0000
2019-02-27 Wed2111
2019-02-26 Tue0000
2019-02-25 Mon0000
2019-02-24 Sun0000
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