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Allan Holender, “Zenning Your Business - A Series Of Articles By The Author Of Zentrepreneurism - Allan Holender”, Z/Yen Group Limited (January 2008).

Are you living life sip by sip or gulp by gulp? The first zentrepreneurs, the founders of the specialty company, The Republic of Tea, steeped into full flavor the Z concept of making business for positive social change on the planet, to actualize a life in which “what you do” is one with “who you are”. They say that “an entrepreneur creates a business, while a zentrepreneur creates a business and a life”. The fusion of one’s personal vision with one’s professional mission, grounded in activism and a holistic philosophy, will hallmark the next 1,000 years. Zentrepreneursim is surfacing across a wide spectrum of successful and purposeful businesses in North America.

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