BetZy allows players to make bets with each other. Bets can be on any subject and players are free to choose both the size of the stakes involved and the odds they are offering. Once registered, a bet is very similar to an Entity in the ExtZy market. Participating players are issued "shares" in the bet, which can be traded in the same way as normal shares. Rather than paying a weekly dividend, these shares pay out once on a fixed date to the winning participants.

 Creating a Bet

Firstly head to the "BetZy" page (located in the top menu under the main heading "Market") then select "Make A New Bet


You will then be asked to fill out a form with details of your bet. This is a quick process and you are given detailed instructions on how to fill it out as you go along. Please note that you are required to pay for all of your bet shares in advance. Once you have completed this process you should see the bet listed within the "Bets You've Registered" section.

Other players will now see this bet listed on the market and are free to purchase shares in your bet. For every "bet" share that is purchased, you will be issued with a "bet against" shareholding. These bet shares can be freely traded like normal shares. Once the end date for this bet has passed you will be refunded for any bet shares that are unsold, and all participants holding winning shares will be paid accordingly.