When your portfolio reaches sufficient value, you can cash in points for actual prizes:

 iPod Touch Image

3000 Points - Voucher Good for 32GB iPod Touch [Redeem]

Receive a Dixons' voucher for £300.00, which can be used towards a 32GB iPod Touch

Lady Daphne

2400 Points - Thames Cruise for Two [Redeem]

Take a three-hour cruise from London Bridge to the O2 Arena and back on the Lady Daphne.

iPod Touch Image

1000 Points - Voucher Good for 8GB iPod Nano [Redeem]

Receive a Dixons' voucher for £100.00, which can be used toward an 8GB iPod Nano

CBC Image

 150 Points - “Clean Business Cuisine” [Redeem]

Reach enlightenment (and hopefully profits) with your own autographed copy of this essential guide.

Dice Image

 50 Points - Z/Yen Dice [Redeem]

 Use a pair of these guaranteed random-number generators in your next game of chance.

Chopsticks Image

 25 Points - Z/Yen Chopsticks [Redeem]

 Enjoy your favourite Chinese meal even more with your own pair of Z/Yen chopsticks (they must only be used for a Chinese .

Please see "Game Rules" and "Terms and Conditions" for additional information on redeeming prizes.