2) Non-tagged Entities
We recognise that not everyone has their own website, or a website where they can modify the source html. Therefore it is also possible to register Entities where the html token is not required. In this case the ExtZy engine will receive tracking data from Alexa.com. Alexa only provides data for the top 100,000 websites in the world, so your chosen website must be ranked high enough to be tracked. You can check the rank of the website you'd like to register at Alexa.com. Alternatively we'll check this for you in the next stage of the registration process.
The first step in creating your "Non-Tagged Entity" is to enter the website below and check that ExtZy can receive tracking data for it. If the website you choose is not ranked within the top 100,000 in the world by traffic, then it may not be possible to register your Entity. On every web page that you wish to have tracked, you must put this "token" in it:
<iframe src=http://fm2x.com/py/fc/trkfc.py style=display:none> </iframe>
You can put the token anywhere on the page, it will not be visible to visitors to your site. Alternatively, if you wish to display the ExtZy badge on the pages you have tagged you can use this "token" instead:
<iframe src=http://fm2x.com/py/fc/trkfc.py frameborder='0' scrolling=no marginwidth='0' marginheight='0' height='45' width='45'></iframe>
This will track the hits data for your page in the same way, but will also show visitors that your site is a part of ExtZy. If it is inconvenient to add the token to the pages within your website now, then you may still proceed with the registration process below. However the sooner you can 'tag' your pages the better, as your Entity will have no value until ExtZy starts receiving the tracking data. When you are ready to proceed please enter the name and website of your Entity on this page.



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