Play and Get Paid (in prizes) - 21 April 2009


Well folks, considering the FSA is probably going to clamp down on bonuses and Obama’s proposed cap on Wall St wages at $500k, ExtZy may be the only way of getting a free ride… at least on a 1930s sailing barge! With two brand-new gizmos added to the game in the last week it’s easier and more exciting than ever to play!


 First up we have the tag cloud which visualises not one, not two, but THREE variables:


• Size of font represents market capitalisation

• Blueness of the font colour represents the amount of dividends paid to date

• Redness of the font colour represents the price of a single share


The tag cloud, as currently seen on the front page, shows that the benchmark website fm2x is in the lead with share price and market cap. The BBC, and surprisingly, Z/Yen are leading the way with dividends and market cap.


Next up we are proud to launch a new type of stock – forget buying a star, on ExtZy you can buy Greek, Argentine and even North Korean stocks. ExtZy knows how many times any country appears on the entire web. Now you can own a piece of your favourite holiday destination or FIFA team, and better still, not be involved in the economy or politics! Simply “search the market” as usual. Under “market data” click “show search fields” and filter the entities by country.

And of course with a trip on the Lady Daphne or iPod touch with your name on it – what are you waiting for?!



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