Striking A Ccord (6 April 2009)

Just like the list of public companies on the stock market, ExtZy hosts are not static. It is with great esteem that I announce the departure of Game Lord #1, Alexander Knapp, who will be conquering fresh markets of his own. In his stead stands myself, Leonor Fishman, who, as a female, will take up the title of Game…Lady? Game Girl? Empress of ExtZy?  


Whilst I become acquainted with the sophistry that is an online trading game I have just a few comments. A first glance at the leaderboads shows some encouraging developments. Given this period of crucial decision-making at G20 level, it is great to see the London Accord making it into the top 10 for market capitalisation, P/E ratio, shares issued and dividends paid. The introduction of Google, Youtube and other public "freeshare" programmes also bode well in these turbulent times.  James Surowiecki ought to be proud!


As Ben’s aide from here on, the sole Game Lord will retain his title, although of course we are open to suggestions. So in true “wisdom from the crowds” fashion – let’s take my new title to the polls. Join in and drop us a line!


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