Start with the Basics

ExtZy offers two types of help on markets: background on what markets are, how to work them, and also their predictive capacity (both popular and scientific).  Players can also learn how to step into the shoes of a trader and read up on the game itself, how to buy, sell, analyse, and cash in on value for real prizes.  Also remember to post questions and respond to content on the ExtZy Forums, where players can discuss the game, the markets, and what's moving on them.  If you're a seasoned trader, please also take a moment to post your advice and 'Tips of the Trade' for newer players, and let us know if you'd be interested in contributing regularly to the ExtZy Blog!

Put Prediction to Use for You

ExtZy is more than a game, though, and power behind the game is in its ability to tap a large group of people (your employees, customers or client-base, for example) and use a market of your content to determine where they think value lies - or hides!  You may be hosting a large database of academic or financial reports and want to see not just those that get the most 'hits', but which of them your users actually feel are important to the future of the market.  Or perhaps you manage a web-site of independent music artists, and need market data on the hottest new trends that people want to listen to (and buy more of).  Perhaps you're the IT Director for a company that has a large, international knowledge-management system, and want to identify not only your best contributors globally, but also their best ideas about new challenges, opportunities and innovations.

ExtZy is designed to help drive that kind of data-analysis, putting the power of the market to work on any type of content by listing it as a 'stock' and letting players and the community - whoever they might be - decide what has value, what its price should be, and tracking the volume of transactions (the 'buzz') around it in a way that generates both real impact, and profits!


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