New Features

Buying shares just got easier with a new 'slider' function to select how many you'd like to purchase, and see immediately how much they will cost you, and what your remaining credit will be before you buy.  Players can also now rate stocks by stars from one to five based on your opinion of their value, and sort your Watch List by your ratings ("My 2-Star Rated" or "My 3-Star Rated" and so on.)  Also, you'll now be informed by E-mail when you receive Dividends, someone matches an offer you've made to buy or sell shares, or one of your Bets is concluded.  You can turn off these notifications under Home/E-mail Settings.

Do Your Research

We're pleased to publish an academic review of prediction markets written by LSE graduate Evan Castles, titled "Prediction Markets: A case study of social capital and the dynamics of market participation".  Evan used Z/Yen and ExtZy as his primary case study for the dissertation - take a look and read up on how prediction markets work, key elements, and learn more about the development of ExtZy!


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