When you think you've found some hidden value in a stock, but aren't quite ready (or able) to buy shares in it, add it to your Watch List, which we've created to help players keep an overview of interesting options on the market.

Get Involved

ExtZy is a prediction market that lets players find value among web-pages, identifying those they think represent content (or a product, service, or insight) that has potential to grow in value (represented by hits on the page.)  We've already got content up on the market from the London Accord, Shaping Tomorrow, and Z/Yen.  We'd love to have content on your web-site listed as well, adding new stocks to the game, and giving you valuable market data not only on web-hits, but what people care enough about to actually invest in.

If you'd like to take advantage of this free advertising opportunity, check out the Registering Entities page, or drop a note to the Game Lords!


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