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Three pieces of news today: a new guide to market-basics, user-ratings, and a new leader-board for Gresham University!


First, some players here on ExtZy are old hands at markets, and how an exchange works, but most aren't, so today we're publishing a "Three Minute Guide to Markets", that explains what goes into a market (like ExtZy or the London Stock Exchange), how it works, and the fundamentals of investing or playing in one.  For more information on playing and instructions, make sure to also check out "The One Minute Guide to ExtZy" and the ExtZy Help Files.

Second, we've also introduced a five-star system for rating entities, so even if you decide not to invest, do give a score to sites that you think are particularly valuable:

 User Rating image

Finally, we're pleased to announce a new group of entities to be listed on ExtZy - Gresham College (under "Market" click on "Show Search Fields", then click "Gresham College" and click the "Search" button).  Gresham is an independently funded educational institution based in Barnard's Inn, Holborn, in the centre of London, and is sharing its Commercial Lecture Series by Michael Mainelli for the past several years.

Welcome to Gresham, and enjoy the new content and features!


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