So Who's on ExtZy?

ExtZy is a game about popularity - what are people reading, searching for, arguing about, and writing on the Web.  Popular sites rise in value as they're 'hit' more often, and less popular ones drop.  Players buy shares in those that they think will become even more popular, and build portfolios that will deliver profits.  So what may be hot on ExtZy today?

“The (Mis)Behaviour Of Risk Managers: Recognizing Our Limitations” - With the credit crunch and economic downturn on everyone's minds globally, this article on managing (or mis-managing) financial risk is sure to be showing up in search engines

"Cap-and-Trade Versus Carbon Tax: a Comparison and Synthesis" -  With the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States and the negotiation of the successor to the Kyoto Accord in the works, 'Cap-and-Trade' systems are on a lot of minds

"African Turning Point" - So how about some good news for a change...insulated from most of the direct impacts of the financial turmoil, a number of key demographic and political factors may mean that much of Africa is finally ready for growth and stability

These and other pages are likely 'on the rise' as current events drive web-traffic to them.  Take a look at the ExtZy Market and see if you can find other hidden value...

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