If you are looking for a bargain that is sure to reap some satisfying dividends, delve into the London Accord leaderboard.

The London Accord is an initiative set up between Z/Yen, the City of London Corporation and Gresham College which has been running since 2005. It seeks to make public investment reports on environmental, social and governance issues written by researchers at financial services companies. The intended outcome is that, through reading these reports, decision-makers will be informed of what the financial services sector is up to in areas of, for example, wind-power technology; pharmaceuticals and carbon-trading policy.

We decided to post London Accord reports on their very own ExtZy leaderboard, where their value is derived from report downloads (on the London Accord website) and trading in the game. The most popular reports can be seen on the ExtZy tag-cloud. If you are looking for a quick win, perhaps buy some shares in a freshly uploaded report. These reports come up randomly, depending on when the banks and research companies donate them to us, so keep checking the leader-board for newbies.

Top tip: Buying into a mixture of mature and London Accord stocks and pioneering trading in the new ones could yield a healthy portfolio. Being a London Accord leader-board cowboy could put you in the lead of this cyber-race to the ultimate bounty: prizes!

Happy gaming