Climate change is bound to increase erratic and unforeseeable weather, so, much like with tectonic activity; gamers will most likely be increasingly caught off-guard with skyrocketing stocks. My advice to hedge this effect: think about where and when catastrophic events occur cyclically, such as the Monsoons of the Indian Subcontinent, hurricanes of the Americas and droughts of El Nino (if you can stomach the ethics of wheelin' and dealin' places which are undergoing painful experiences).

However, there are events we can plan our trading round. COP16 Mexico, the next installment of world leaders' climate conference, is due late 2010. The FIFA World Cup games are due to be held in South Africa later this year. But closer in time is Chinese New Year: February 14!
My advice (echoing Ian's) is: buy now, sell soon and rejoice later!