The pros of this smart system encompass raising environmental awareness, reforestation and . The cons of this surreptitious system are that offsetting could engender a culture of companies resting on their laurels and a world where it is ok to pollute as much has you want in one place - so long as you do some ecological good somewhere else. On balance, if there are high standards of monitoring and enforcement, making sure, for example, that commercial palm oil plantations on deforested land (or on any land for that matter) never count towards a carbon offset, then there is no harm in this method being a temporary initiative to make the world a greener, cleaner place.

Given my queries voiced in the last blog, I have thought long and hard how to bring this logic into the realm of ExtZy. The same "offsetting" logic could be applied to players who 'invest' in territories where bloodshed is rife, such as Myanmar. Equally, if you bought shares in Indonesia, as news reaches the headlines that all rainforest has been cleared and Orangutangs are extinct, some pretty good dividends will be racked up.

We have launched the option of donating all prizes (cash equivalent) to charities of choice. As the externalities from buying shares in ExtZy are negligible, unlike aviation where the culprit is clear, we are transforming ExtZy into a 'Machine of Ethics'. If all these "unethical" dividends were to earn you a prize - what to do with all this money?! If you are a Z/Yen employee you could donate it to a charity of your choice - as you cannot claim a prize (management deemed it unethical and quite rightly so!). So, if you get a fat cheque from Pakistani, Sudanese or Peruvian shares then 'invest' that money back into charities working for human and/or environmental causes in those grief-striken countries!

If only stockbrokers, venture capitalists, hedge funds and other investors could pick up on this idea... this would be one initiative that gets very close to social and environmental neutrality.